Christopher Walsh
If only, if only I had really gotten to know Aretha Franklin’s catalog.
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Dialing 911 for police, a fire, or an ambulance is easy to do, but it may not always be the right call when the situation is less than urgent.
With the pending $2.1-million purchase of a parcel of land on Three Mile Harbor, East Hampton Town is moving ahead to consolidate its shellfish hatcheries in a single location. Right now, the Montauk hatchery occupies a site on Fort Pond Bay, where water conditions are less than ideal for breeding clams, oysters, and scallops.
Helen S. Rattray
The job of editing letters to the editor landed in my lap a few years ago and has remained there ever since. I don’t know whether I was given this difficult task because the editor or managing editor decided it would be a suitable slot for an old hand like me or because they thought it would keep me out of harm’s way (or prevent me from doing harm as I “age in place,” as the saying goes).
David E. Rattray
Trudging up the dune path leading to the beach on Tuesday evening, Sisyphus came to mind. I was midway through finally building a swim raft to moor out front in the bay and, in several trips, had carried my tools, number-two cedar deck boards, and dock foam from the house along the rising serpentine path, then down the steps, which I had built to the beach.
Jack Graves
Hats off to Sylvia Overby, who told me at the Little League ceremony at Maidstone Park the other day that Adderol was used to treat ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, as I was later to learn) and thus helped me finish a crossword puzzle that had been causing me to fidget.
Our readers' comments