Carissa Katz
As the season changes from the calm quiet of winter to the raucous bustle of spring, the nature preserve where I live is teeming with new life.
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New York City could soon ban the sale of plastic water bottles in parks, beaches, and public golf courses to cut down on trash.
As enticing as glistening waters may be to kayakers, paddleboarders, and the like, it is still dangerous out there.
Helen S. Rattray
Two small daffodils forced themselves out in the greensward between the sidewalk and a picket fence in front of an old East Hampton house on Main Street about a week ago, and I admire them as I pass by.
David E. Rattray
On the way to school on Tuesday morning, one of the kids announced that she and a classmate had a plan if a shooter ever turned up.
Jack Graves
“I dreamt I’d won a Peace prize. . . .” “No, no, that was my Peace prize,” corrected Mary, who recently had spent hours straightening out one of my bill-paying gaffes with State Farm, had painstakingly laid the groundwork for a tax grievance, and had raked leaves and edged until she was a physical wreck.
Our readers' comments