If candidates can be judged by the company they keep, David Lys will be difficult to beat. Aside from winning a lopsided victory over David Gruber in a September primary, he has been vouched for by, among others, Perry B. Duryea III, former town Republican chairman; Alex Walter, a former zoning board chairman who was Supervisor Larry Cantwell’s assistant; Zachary Cohen, a former town supervisor candidate; Tim Taylor, the head of Citizens for Access Rights, and nearly the entire town Democratic power structure and many Republicans alike.
Our readers' comments
At this point there is little to add to the reasons why Perry Gershon is the better choice for the East End in Congress than Lee Zeldin — but Mr. Gershon is better for the country as well.
Helen S. Rattray
The heart of Riverhead — and by that I do not mean its nearby shopping centers — has a lot of culture and history going for it.
David E. Rattray
There were two messages on my voice mail when I got to the office last Thursday morning. Both were in response to an editorial on Republican voter suppression in advance of the midterm elections.
Jack Graves
My father used to say all I did was watch balls go back and forth, and so it has been — volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, baseballs, rugby balls, footballs . . . though, come to think of it, not so many footballs anymore.
Irene Silverman
I think I have just escaped being victimized by a new scam, which popped down the chimney, so to speak, right in time for the flue season.
David E. Rattray
This is not a ghost story, per se, but let’s say if I believed in ghosts, I would most certainly think the big house was haunted.