Is it coincidence that two of America’s most prominent liars have called East Hampton home? “Tangled Webs,” a new book by James B. Stewart, includes on its cover
Helen S. Rattray
My New York City grandchildren spent their spring vacation from school in East Hampton with us, a long week in which I got to know them better. We saw each other from morning till night, and there were continual surprises. I discovered how much they had grown up, and it felt like seeing them anew.
David E. Rattray
Earlier this year if you had asked about the upcoming local political season in East Hampton, the response would have been little more than a shrug. Not anymore.
Jack Graves
Prudence and persistence seem to be traits associated with long life. I will lay claim to persistence, when so inclined, though Mary is the more prudent of the two of us. I suppose there does come a day when it is no longer prudent to persist...
Leigh Goodstein
Before I opened the envelope with the school’s insignia emblazoned on it the summer before I was to enter third grade, I knew that she was the teacher I wanted. I had no good reason for wanting Mrs. Davis-Parks except that my sister had had her two years earlier.
Our dory would launch just before dawn, when the truck towing it would back quickly and violently into the ocean and come to a sudden stop, letting momentum pull the boat free. While the truck pulled out of the water as fast as possible, sometimes with the help of a tow line already set in...
When she strode into the student cafeteria, eyes turned. Her clothes were stylishly elegant and expensive: odd for a college student, I thought. She was obviously attired to attract attention. And the fact that she was beautiful and statuesque helped to keep a spotlight on her.