Helen S. Rattray
Knowing I am Jewish, some people look at me askance when they see or hear me going overboard at Christmastime.
David E. Rattray
In the early days of the East Hampton settlement, then known as Maidstone, no fence surrounded the South End Burying Ground.
Jack Graves
A large sculpture across the street from my window reminds me of a pork chop, and pork chops remind me of foodstuffs which, while tasty, aren’t necessarily good for me.
Our readers' comments
I came of age with Bob Dylan’s lyrics seeping into my 1960s consciousness, so it was no surprise that when I rented my first apartment on New York’s progressive Upper West Side that I used my somewhat meager nurse’s wages to buy a “big brass bed.” And what better sheets to make the polished old brass bed frame pop than red satin sheets? It hadn’t occurred to my 22-year-old self that the feel of sheets might be more significant than their visual appeal.
There is little argument that something should be done about wastewater in Montauk. The question is whether the $32.8 million initial project is the correct approach.
Two big — and very different — fund-raising efforts reach important junctures this month. In Sag Harbor, an $8 million goal that would enable a partnership to rebuild the burned movie house and turn it into a genuine arts hub is within reach.
The East Hampton Village Board has been looking at some quality of life issues as the new year approaches and as another booming summer season appears likely. One issue overdue for attention is the matter of permits for large private gatherings and special events.