That the Wainscott School District could absorb more students without compromising educational quality should be obvious, but, sadly, it is not to a handful of the hamlet’s residents who are stirring up opposition to modest affordable housing for a site on Route 114.
It has long bothered those fascinated by East Hampton’s past that the small workshops of the Dominy family craftsmen, as well as nearly all of their contents, were no longer easily accessible.
Helen S. Rattray
The dog belonging to me and my husband is a lazy, plump, foxlike creature with a red coat and a stubborn nature.
David E. Rattray
A 160-yard-long black plastic pipe washed out of the ocean at Georgica last week. When I finally got around to looking for it on Sunday afternoon, I was disappointed that it had already been cut into shorter lengths and dragged away.
Jack Graves
It was the day before I, perhaps the only “company man” left in America, was to be interviewed, and I was trying to think of clever things to say.
Christopher Walsh
It always feels strange to walk around the old neighborhood again. Williamsburg is scarcely more recognizable to me than Montauk is, and sorry if that makes me a hipster or whatever.
Letters to the Editor 1.31.19
Unless you are a person who thinks the Apollo Moon landings were faked, perhaps, or that the Earth is flat, it is impossible to argue with NASA’s observations of sea level rise. Satellites tracking the oceans’ surface since 1993 have measured a steady increase, now nearly three and a half inches since Bill Clinton’s first year as president.