A public vote on the East Hampton Library budget, which comes up once a year, should be supported on Saturday. Here’s why:
You can’t directly blame the big Montauk party spots for trouble like a recent car crash turned drug bust or a slashing at the 7-Eleven. However, these dramatic incidents, coming within hours of one another, do have, as they say, a way of focusing the mind. East Hampton Town officials are contemplating an approach to heading off new problems.
Helen S. Rattray
It was 6:30 on Tuesday morning, the time I usually get up, but I wasn’t ready. Although the cold snap was ending, I grabbed the thick New Zealand blanket, a long-ago present, and made myself quite comfortable on a living room couch. The next thing I knew it was after 8 — to be exact, 8:03 by my watch. For me, that counts as a lazy morning.
David E. Rattray
Ellis came home with ticks the other day. He had been on a nature walk with his thirdgrade science class when someone bolted from the path into the leaf litter to inspect something interesting. Accounts vary about who led the charge, but several reliable sources pointed to my son.
Jack Graves
“My head is swimming,” I said during some recent long-distance swims in Sag Harbor, referring not just to that early morning’s hyperactivity, but to the summer here in general, which found me either up and out at dawn or during the cocktail hour at a baseball, soccer, or slow-pitch game.
Irene Silverman
So you think your operation was bizarre? Let me tell you about mine.
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David Gruber, who is seeking the Democratic Party ballot line for East Hampton Town Board in a Thursday primary, spread a false claim then failed to apologize.