Star Staff
East Hampton is far from alone in dealing with the emerging health threat from a class of industrial chemicals used in firefighting and many other projects.
Star Staff
More people are growing oysters these days, and that’s a good thing.
Helen S. Rattray
I’ve been living without kitchen appliances — really, without a kitchen at all — while our walls and shelves undergo their first thorough sanding and painting in, well, decades.
David E. Rattray

Jack Graves
Presidents Day was celebrated earlier this week, and, of course, we at The Star were working rather than reflecting on how far the country has come, or regressed, since George Washington and Abraham Lincoln led it.
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Creating affordable housing and providing financial help for first-time homebuyers have been among the major goals of leaders on the East End for decades.
Star Staff
There are plenty of practical reasons for issuing driver’s licenses to noncitizens, but one of the most important is mostly overlooked: vision tests.