Christopher Walsh
Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. and State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle announced on Monday that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation will host a series of meetings to gather feedback from key stakeholders about the state’s current commercial fishing licensing system and ideas for reforms to modernize and improve the program.
Taylor K. Vecsey
A 27-year-old driver from Montauk was arrested in that hamlet on July 15 after police said they saw him following another car too closely. Marcos Aramis Serra-Bencosme was pulled over in a 2013 Honda Accord at about 4:20 p.m. on Flamingo Avenue.
Christopher Walsh
The East Hampton Town Trustees are reviewing an updated draft of a “community benefits” package from Deepwater Wind and have appointed four trustees to choose an attorney to help examine it.
Christopher Walsh
The campaign to represent New York’s First Congressional District, pitting the Republican incumbent, Representative Lee Zeldin, against Perry Gershon, the Democratic nominee, is drawing national attention.
Jon M. Diat
The current two-week closure of the commercial fluke fishery has once again drawn the ire of State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. and State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle, who issued a joint statement last week calling for New York State to keep its promise to its commercial fishermen and immediately bring litigation to strike down the inequitable fluke quotas that continue to put a severe crimp on the economic viability of the state’s commercial industry.
Gina Piastuck
Item of the Week From the East Hampton Library’s Long Island Collection
Johnette Howard
Andrea Anthony is a co-owner and hands-on manager of the Lobster Roll, one of the most iconic eateries on Long Island. But neither the restaurant’s 53-year tradition nor acclaim for the food protects her and her partners from having the same staffing problems that neighboring businesses continue to have, even at this late date in the season.
Jamie Bufalino
In a renewed effort to sell the remaining inventory, Cape Advisors, the real estate development firm behind the project, has now been making improvements and lowering some prices.
Christopher Walsh
James Tomarken, the Suffolk County health commissioner, announced on Friday that five new mosquito samples have tested positive for West Nile virus. To date, the county has confirmed nine positive mosquito samples, but no human cases of the virus have been reported as yet.
Christopher Walsh
Five political parties have announced their endorsement of Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele in his bid for re-election.
Star Staff
A cement mixer truck accidentally poured cement onto the road at the corner of Main Street and Newtown Lane on July 18 at about 8:30 a.m.
Taylor K. Vecsey
A humpback whale washed up on Napeague on Thursday morning, and officials are trying to determine how best to remove it.
Taylor K. Vecsey
Word spread quickly Saturday morning that Raymond Marisette, the cheerful man who always wore a smile, suspenders, and a bucket hat, had died.
Larry Penny
There are a ton of field guides for birds, butterflies, moths, mammals, fishes, seashells, flowering plants, trees, and even fungi, seaweeds, ants, and, beetles, but who ever heard of a field guide to the lowly slugs.
Jennifer Landes
Six works attributed to Willem de Kooning by a former assistant were found in an abandoned storage unit in New Jersey and will be auctioned later this year.