Joanne Pilgrim
Power will be restored to 90 percent of the customers without it by late tomorrow.
Joanne Pilgrim
Homeowners whose properties were damaged during the weekend’s storm received good news.
Bridget LeRoy

Catherine Tandy

Jack Graves
Forewarned regarding Hurricane Irene, the Hampton Classic's horse show's executive director on Friday announced the cancellation of Opening Day, which was to have been Sunday, and resolved to restart the ordinarily-weeklong hunter-jumper show on Wednesday, Aug. 31.
Russell Drumm
Ditch Plain lost most of its remaining dunes, but the vulnerable “motel row” in Montauk’s downtown business district was spared even though the storm surge entered through the road ends.
Joanne Pilgrim
Homeowners with property damage from the weekend's storm received good news this morning when the National Weather Service declared that Irene, when it hit here, was a tropical storm and not a hurricane. Insurance coverage for damage from hurricanes is typically subject to a high deductible.
David E. Rattray
Fallen trees, water damage seem to be the worst of it; power remains out for thousands on the East End
David E. Rattray
Irene's new predicted course is strikingly similar to that said to have been taken by the 1938 Hurricane, which killed an estimated 600 people.
Over the drone of an outboard motor, Kelly Lester of Amagansett half shouted, “I’d like to prove that Paul and I did nothing wrong.”
Joanne Pilgrim
An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale sent shock waves across the East End and much of the East Coast.
Heather Dubin
Elsie Garretson and Camilla Jewett shared the distinct honor of turning 100 years old at a celebratory tea hosted by the Ladies Village Improvement Society.
Janis Hewitt
Some 50 samples in Suffolk County have tested positive for mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus.