Skilled Blades Vied for Prize in Bridgehampton Carving Contest

The entries ranged from the classic to the whacky. It's amazing how many forms a basic gourd can take. Durell Godfrey Photos

The Bridgehampton Lions Club's annual Carving Contest took over the grounds of the Bridgehampton Community House on Monday night, with glowing creations that boggled the imagination.

Contestants of all ages unleashed their skills in such categories as Classic Jack, Classic Jill, Dentist's Dream, Freaky Tiki, Pulp Politico, and Galactic Glow. 

Barbara Dayton won the top prize, Master Blade, for a pumpkin sculpture she called "That Rabbit's Dynamite." 

In the Freestyle category, the winners among those 12 and under were Keira Forsman (first), Ava Niedermayer (second), and Marie Niedermayer (third). The all-ages winners were Regina Whitney, Randy Kolhoff, and Luke Babcock.

Kudos are also due to the winners in the following categories. 

Classic Jack Nicole Yeager, first; Maddy Krempler, second

Classic Jill Ava Phair, first; Jill Musnicki, second

Dentist's Dream Layla and Carter Garypie, first; Riley Dee, second

Use Your Melon Michael Pintauro, first, Rigina Whitney, second

Galactic Glow Erin Shipman, first; Nicole Yeager, second

Compost Zombie Lily Dekwiatkowski, first; Helena Kolhoff, second

Freaky Tiki Erin Shipman, first; Lily Babcock, second

Mother Groose-some Lynnette Pintauro, first, Ronan Dee, second

Sea Screecher Isla Panton, first; Harper Baris, second

Toss Your Seeds Cathryn Blackmore, first; Aste Phair, second

Genetically Modified Christina Martin, first; Eli McClelland, second

Pulp Politico Julie Cummings Vosch, first; the Husband family, second

Odd Lot Sag Harbor Prekindergarten, first; Jodie Musnicki, second

Most Aerodynamic Julie Cummings Bosch, first; Jack Blackmore, second

A hungry pumpkin monster sitting down for a gruesome meal, at left, and a juggler created by the contest's founder, John Musnicki, both showed off the exemplary skills of pro-level carvers.John Musnicki Photos
Barbara Dayton, left, posed with the creation that won her this year's Master Blade title. At right, a young contestant made some final adjustments before dark.John Musnicki Photos
Gassed up and ready to go, this pumpkin sculpture looks like a VW Bug. Durell Godfrey
Two iconic figures -- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, left, and Yoda -- made an appearance in the contest.Durell Godfrey Photos