High Bacteria Levels Found in Several Water Bodies

A water sample taken on July 16 in Georgica Pond at the end of Cove Hollow Road in East Hampton Village had a fecal bacteria level more than 230 times higher than the maximum safe level for swimming. Campbell Conard

The most recent water test results from the Concerned Citizens of Montauk have shown high levels of bacteria in several bodies of water in Montauk, Amagansett, and East Hampton.

Pussy's Pond in Springs and Hook and Georgica Ponds in East Hampton had high bacteria levels. Georgica Pond's Cove Hollow access had the highest level of bacteria of every area tested, with a bacteria level of 24,196 units. the high levels are thought to be caused by warm summer temperatures, along with the fact that the Cove Hollow access area is shallow and mostly closed off to water exchange.

East Hampton Village's Georgia Beach had low bacteria levels, with an enterococus level of zero.

C.C.O.M. is working with the United States Geological Survey to monitor the source of nitrogen and other pollutants that are entering Lake Montauk.

Tests on water samples taken on July 16 showed that the Lake Montauk East Creek had high levels of bacteria, while the Lake Montauk West Creek had only medium levels. The Fort Pond Bay area and Tuthill Pond continued to have low bacteria levels. The Lake Montauk Harbor and causeway south were not tested.

In Amagansett, a water sample site on the east side of Napeague Harbor showed a high level of bacteria, while the west side of Napeague Harbor continued to have low levels. Fresh Pond Creek in Amagansett showed high bacteria levels, but Fresh Pond beach on the harbor side had low levels.

The Surfside Place outfall pipe on the downtown ocean beach in Montauk and the Methodist Lane swale and Village Green bioswale in East Hampton were not tested due to the limited rainfall.

The next sampling was scheduled for Monday, and with recent rain levels, some areas are expected to be more accessible. Testing of the water bodies will continue weekly through September. 

The most-recent test results for East Hampton waters can be viewed at surfrider.org.