A Flashing Lights Reminder

That blue or green light blinking behind you as you drive is a volunteer trying to get to an emergency call — and it could be at your house or for your loved one. 

That’s the message from the East Hampton Town Chiefs Association. During the busy summer months, when the South Fork is swarming with visitors, the chiefs hope that drivers will pay attention to the rearview mirror. The blue lights, which signal a fire department member, and green ones, for members of an emergency medical service agency, flash but are not accompanied by sirens. 

“We would like to remind the public to pull over for volunteer fire and E.M.S. responders displaying blue or green lights as they try to navigate the congested roadways to respond to fire and medical emergencies,” said Gerry Turza, the president of the chiefs association and the current East Hampton Fire Department chief. 

New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law states that if you see a blue or green light flashing behind you, yield the right of way, pull over to the right-hand side of the road, and come to a stop.