Birders Needed for Waterfowl Count

The South Fork Natural History Museum in Bridgehampton will take part in the 2019 New York State Ornithological Association Winter Waterfowl Count on Saturday. Intermediate and experienced birders have been asked to join in. From dawn to dusk, participants will record the number of overwintering waterfowl on the South Fork, where there are a large variety. The count will be led by Frank Quevedo, the museum's executive director.

The ornithological association conducts yearly winter waterfowl counts throughout the state to assess species’ populations. In recent years, there has been a decline in diversity and population size. Food scarcity, habitat loss, and overdevelopment, as well as the introduction of nonnative species, are reportedly to blame.

“Citizen science projects, such as the 2019 N.Y.S.O.A. Winter Waterfowl Count, are great opportunities for people of all ages to learn about and make a connection to birds and their habitats," Mr. Quevedo said. “The public’s involvement in this most important survey is crucial to obtain the widespread data necessary for scientists to better understand population trends for many of our waterfowl species. So please join us on this count, as many of our feathered friends are in need of attention.”

Advanced registration is required. To sign up, participants can call the museum at 631-537-9735 or email Mr. Quevedo can be reached directly at