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Ballet students will present their spring production of "Coppelia" on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Durell Godfrey

Repairs on Route 114 between East Hampton and Sag Harbor are expected to take about a week. Carissa Katz

Lee H. Skolnick, left, one of the architects for the renovation, talked with Ben Krupinski, whose construction firm donated the work, at a sneak preview on March 2. Durell Godfrey
What was once part of the Bargain Books shops is now given over to decorative housewares and knickknacks Durell Godfrey
Paul Vogel was an early customer on opening day at the Bargain Box last week.Durell Godfrey
Anne Thomas, right, the president of the L.V.I.S., showed local officials, including East Hampton Town Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, the refurbished space.Durell Godfrey
Ready for springDurell Godfrey

At the festival's opening last month, Emmery Beutler, left, with tiger in hand, pointed to a tiger picture she drew; Avery and Beckett Dalene enjoyed the colorful artwork. Durell Godfrey
Chris Miller and his daughter Emily from Montauk studied the construction of a paper dress.Durell Godfrey
Jack Youngerman, an artist himself, checked out the work by the youngest generation of local artists.Durell Godfrey
Jennifer Villacis of East Hampton High School posed with one of her pieces.Durell Godfrey

On Thursday, a rift appeared along the downtown Montauk beach as snow continued to fall. On Friday, sandbags and concrete pavers were left exposed. T.E. McMorrow
A study in contrast: Shaun Jones checking the lines the Pontos at dock in Montauk on Thursday. At right, cross-country skiers took to the trails of the Bell Estate in Amagansett.Amanda Jones, Judy D'Mello
In Montauk, the Shagwong Tavern remained open throughout the storm.T.E. McMorrow
Snow blanketed the roads on Thursday afternoon as officials urged residents to stay home so that plow crews could clear them.Durell Godfrey
In East Hampton Village, a crew worked to remove two massive piles of snow from the Reutershan parking lot on Friday afternoon.T.E. McMorrow
A 10-foot-tall wall of snow separated the two sides of Main Street in Sag Harbor Friday morning.Carissa Katz
A blasting wind and frigid cold did not deter the sledders on the hill in front of Pierson High School in Sag Harbor on Friday.Carissa Katz
Martell's in Montauk was covered in snow on Thursday.T.E. McMorrow
Clearing a path as the snow continued to fall Thursday afternoon in East HamptonDurell Godfrey

Workshop participants chose from evergreens of all varieties as they began to assemble holiday centerpieces under the tutelage of the Garden Club of East Hampton on Monday. Durell Godfrey Photos
At St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on Nov. 4, Rosemary Killen, the club’s project chairwoman, stood among some of the raw materials. Durell Godfrey
Club members spray-painted dried flowers, seedpods, and decorative branches on Nov. 4.Durell Godfrey
Wendy Phillips, Rosemary Killen, Jake Markum, and Cathy Santamarina worked together on Nov. 18.Durell Godfrey
Olivia and Debbie Druker sorted through Santas, snowmen, and other ornaments that will be added to the finished centerpieces. Durell Godfrey
The materials included some that were store-bought, but many that were collected and prepared by garden club members.Durell Godfrey
The "experts" from the Garden Club were on hand at the senior citizens center on Monday to offer suggestions and help.Durell Godfrey
Workshop participants hard at work on MondayDurell Godfrey
At left, Pat Mercer of the Garden Club of East Hampton was in fine holiday spirits on Monday. On the right, Raphael Rojas showed off his finished centerpiece.Durell Godfrey
Martina Sandy, left, and Mike Geller had pieces to be proud of by the end of the workshop.Durell Godfrey

Long kept at the East Hampton Village Department of Public Works impound yard, this fake giraffe has been released to a new, unnamed owner. Durell Godfrey

Studio 3 presents "Mixed Nuts" at Bay Street Theater Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Durell Godfrey Photos
"Mixed Nuts" is a blend of "The Nutcracker" and "Beauty and the Beast."Durell Godfrey
"Mixed Nuts" Durell Godfrey
Ballet, jazz, tap, "Mixed Nuts" is not only a blended story, but a blend of styles. Durell Godfrey
"Mixed Nuts"Durell Godfrey
"Mixed Nuts" is a visual delight.Durell Godfrey
"The Nutcracker," in the Hampton Ballet Theatre School's more traditional interpretationDurell Godfrey
The Hampton Ballet Theatre School's production featured costumes by Yuka SilveraDurell Godfrey
Professional dancers shared the stage with student dancers in the Hampton Ballet Theatre School's production.Durell Godfrey
The Hampton Ballet Theatre School's productionDurell Godfrey