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Susan Ceslow dug up the largest clam. Morgan McGiven photos
Susan Ceslow's 2-pound, 6.3-ounce behemoth won the largest clam award, as well as an award in the adult category for the largest clam dug from Napeague Harbor.
Ken Dodge's Manhattan chowder won him a prize.
All the clam entries lined up for judging.
There were plenty of clams to eat.
Ethan Stillwach, a winner in previous contests, won in Napeague Harbor's youth category for his 2-pound, 2.2-ounce entry.

First Lt. Elizabeth Mamay was welcomed back at Fort Totten on Friday afternoon by her family. From left, her cousin Kaitlyn Mamay, her step-father, Tim Miller, her step-mother, Laurie Mamay, a sister Molly Mamay, Lt. Mamay, her mother, Diane McNally, her father, Richard Mamay, and a sister Emily Mamay.

John Behan, a former New York State Assemblyman and Vietnam war veteran, spoke at a ceremony in Montauk last year. He lost both legs in a land-mine explosion in 1966. Janis Hewitt
A Veterans Day march in Sag Harbor will kick off at 10 a.m.Morgan McGivern

T.E. McMorrow photos

A creature from another planet was among the many visitors to East Hampton on Halloween. Morgan McGivern
Main Street in East Hampton was filled with trick-or-treaters. Morgan McGivern
It was all about the hair for one older trick-or-treater, and a puppy named Archie tried to see what a little pumpkin had to offer along the trail.Jane Bimson
Glen Welsch, an obvious Mets fan, with his daughter, Hailey Welsch, who dressed as an angel, on Halloween in downtown Montauk.T.E. McMorrow
A family of super heroes trick-or-treated in Montauk on Saturday; Jake Williams, otherwise known as Batman, Madison Williams, as Wonder Woman, Sherry Williams, in a Batwoman outfit, carrying Sierra Williams.T.E. McMorrow
Some of the tiniest trick-or-treaters in Montauk.Jane Bimson
Wendy and Dan Boerem with their daughters Avery and Abby T.E. McMorrow
Right on the Montauk streets, a face-off between Darth Vader (Brian Lester) and Luke Skywalker (Hudson Roman)T.E. McMorrow
Austin Allen of Springs, who was a battle field soldier, was among the kids who attended the Halloween open house at the East Hampton Ladies Village Improvement Society on Saturday.Durell Godfrey
Rafa DeMartis kept the Halloween fun going on Sunday at the Halloween "Pawty" at the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons in Wainscott.