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  • It’s hard to believe, but the 118th U.S. Open golf championship, to be held at the iconic Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton, is less than two months away.
  • After living in my house on North Haven since I was born — nearly 54 years — we decided it was time to knock it down and build a new one that would provide many of the modern comforts and amenities that a new residence brings. After over three years of dealing with various surveys, permits, design changes, and building the house itself (and going over budget), we finally moved into the new digs in November. The house has been everything we ever wanted and expected.
  • No doubt about it, various governmental marine fishery departments and scientists have had a challenging time collecting accurate data on the status of various stocks of fish that reside along the East Coast of the United States. For sure, it will likely never be an exact science.
  • Anger and frustration boiled over last week in a heated public meeting on a proposal to lower recreational black sea bass limits in New York waters for the 2018 fishing season.
  • The email I received last Monday was ominous: “Jon, are you around? There are some things on the boat I would like to discuss.” Discuss? It sounded more like a doctor preparing you for a negative medical report.
  • New York has filed a petition with the federal government to establish fair quota allocations for the state’s commercial harvest of fluke.
  • In the Dominican Republic, baseball fields are just about everywhere. For Dominicans, baseball is not just a sport, but an intense passion. But with four out of 10 Dominicans living in poverty, purchasing the equipment to play the game is out of reach for many.
  • An entrepreneur plans to grow local, wild species of finfish, kelp, and sea scallops in the Atlatic, about eight miles from shore.
  • For those who demand the freshest, most sustainable seafood, and partake in the increasingly popular and expanding Montauk-headquartered Dock to Dish community-supported fishery program, keeping an eye on your seafood order is a simple mouse click away.
  • Last Wednesday afternoon was a clammer’s dream. Coming off a new moon and enforced by a cold, strong northwesterly wind, the tide that day would be extremely low. It was a classic “blowout tide” as old-timers around here would say.