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  • Juliao Sarmento’s sculpture, paintings, and works on paper will be shown at the Parrish Museum of Art beginning on Sunday. The Portuguese artist will be joined by the writer James Salter and the performance artist and composer Laurie Anderson...
  • It has become trite to say that an art exhibit is revelatory, but when a show like the Museum of Modern Art’s “Abstract-Expressionist New York: The Big Picture” comes along and manages to debunk the very history and assumptions that the museum has encouraged...
  • A play reading always takes a lot of imagination on the audience’s part. In the Hamptons Independent Theatre Festival reading of “Museum,” however, it was the producers who put their imaginations to work on the staging to make it a unique experience
  • Who is to say what can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary? Certainly vision helps, and when three visionary entities join forces it is bound to cause a commotion. When the source of the marvel is a common everyday object, it makes for an even greater spectacle.
  • While the 1989 play touches on themes that were similarly resonant at the end of that decade’s go-go market, it almost seems innocent in the face of the complexities of today’s financial market machinations.
  • After a second request for proposals for a restaurant concession at the Poxabogue Golf Course drew no bidders, Southampton Town Councilman Chris Nuzzi introduced a new request for proposals at last week’s town board meeting.

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