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  • At the Amagansett Library, Ms. Nichols will head a full-time staff of three, including an archivist, Jacqueline Marks, an assistant director and head of reference, Anne Jones, and a head of circulation, Corinne Page, plus five part-timers.
  • A crowd estimated at over 600, including leaders and congregants of just about every synagogue and church on the South Fork, filled the Jewish Center of the Hamptons last Thursday night for a vigil memorializing the 11 victims of the Oct. 27 shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.
  • I think I have just escaped being victimized by a new scam, which popped down the chimney, so to speak, right in time for the flue season.
  • Assuming the demand keeps up and the supply stays where it is, the Jewish Center of the Hamptons will run out of places to bury its congregants in about 10 years.
  • A crowd of over 100, concerned about losing their tiny library in the heart of Springs, thronged the Springs Presbyterian Church’s Parish Hall Sunday afternoon in a show of support that left the library’s board of governors surprised but highly gratified.
  • Six thousand or so secondhand books, warehoused in three rooms upstairs, were in pretty good shape, but the floors of the Springs Library’s 167-year-old Ambrose Parsons House were buckling under their weight. The house belongs to East Hampton Town, and Tom Talmage, the town engineer, deemed the situation dangerous. One day in July, a Highway Department truck arrived to take the books away.
  • “Monrovia, Indiana” and “City of Joel,” both shown during the Hamptons International Film Festival, could have been shot on two different planets, so dissimilar are the stories of their subjects and the filmmakers’ very approaches.
  • So you think your operation was bizarre? Let me tell you about mine.
  • Elissa Mott Derry took a painting she thought was painted by Thomas Moran to the the East Hampton Historical Society's appraisal day. The result was surprising.

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