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  • Alarmingly, the White House appears intent on creating conditions for armed conflict in the Mideast by escalating a confrontation with Iran.
  • In the annals of jaw-dropping East Hampton political miscalculation, the bugging of the town trustees office is a new low.
  • The senseless destruction of the Maidstone Park ball field last week caused outrage and disbelief. But it also should serve as a reminder of how important organized youth baseball and softball are in this community, and the admirable commitment of the adult coaches who make it all possible.
  • Why should some residents hate summer here? We think this is a shame, and that it is the responsibility of the East Hampton Town Board and political challengers to consider a recalibration.
  • Albany could make New York’s roads safer with one simple measure: reinstating rules that allowed people who are not in the United States legally to apply for driver’s licenses.
  • The unfortunate reappearance of measles in this country should send a clear message that science works. It also has a bearing on several other controveries that actually should be nonissues — climate science, for one.
  • A bill signed by Governor Cuomo sends an important message that New York wants no part of the White House’s push to reopen offshore federal waters to oil drilling.
  • We can understand how the people and groups asking to limit hunting on East Hampton Town’s lands to just one day per weekend feel. But that does not mean we agree.
  • About every expert on coastal erosion and sea level rise will tell you that the only solution for at-risk areas is to retreat. But right now, the only significant retreat appears to be by the East Hampton Town Board, which collapsed notably amid ill-informed pressure from some Montauk residents and resort owners who objected to a part of a long-range planning study.
  • In the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, there is a reminder of how buildings can hold a community together. Churches, old houses, beloved places provide a feeling of permanence in an impermanent world. They give us a sense of who we are, simply because they are an icon we can call our own. For France and for much of the world, as one man on a Paris street told The New York Times this week, the Notre Dame tragedy was like losing a member of the family.