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  • The State of New York is barreling fast toward the anticipated legalization of the sale and possession of marijuana as a way to increase tax receipts and reduce the impact of arrests for possession and sale, which fall disproportionately on people of color and the poor.
  • What to do about weekend hunting?
  • A recent fuss over the membership of the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee once again brings up the question of precisely what is the purpose of these groups.
  • Like Gov. Ralph Northam’s racial insensitivity in Virginia, an elected official in upstate New York was recently caught using slurs. Mark McGrath resigned from the Troy City Council on Monday, after a three-year-old voice-mail message that contained two highly offensive anti-black terms was reported in The Albany Times-Union.
  • What’s up with Lee Zeldin? Once a decent young politician and Army vet making his way up through the Republican ranks, he has become an irresponsible pot-shooter for the right.
  • Try as one might, it is almost impossible to find any substantial, factual basis in the recent statements withdrawing support for the Orsted-Deepwater Wind South Fork Wind Farm by State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr.
  • That the Wainscott School District could absorb more students without compromising educational quality should be obvious, but, sadly, it is not to a handful of the hamlet’s residents who are stirring up opposition to modest affordable housing for a site on Route 114.
  • It has long bothered those fascinated by East Hampton’s past that the small workshops of the Dominy family craftsmen, as well as nearly all of their contents, were no longer easily accessible.
  • Unless you are a person who thinks the Apollo Moon landings were faked, perhaps, or that the Earth is flat, it is impossible to argue with NASA’s observations of sea level rise. Satellites tracking the oceans’ surface since 1993 have measured a steady increase, now nearly three and a half inches since Bill Clinton’s first year as president.
  • Art matters. Educators say over and over again that such creative activities are not simply a luxury for the most well-off districts, they are an essential building block of many of the qualities needed in adulthood for success and satisfaction.