Met in College, Married in Sag

    Jim Williamson and Jayme Place were married at home in Sag Harbor on Sunday by the Venerable John A. Greco, Archdeacon of Nassau County, in a traditional ceremony from the Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church.
    Mr. Williamson and Mr. Place chose the date to mark their 21st anniversary as a couple, both celebrating it and, as they put it, making it official.
    The couple met in 1978 as roommates at Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica, N.Y., and remained good friends.
    They became roommates again when Mr. Place moved to East Hampton in 1982. As Mr. Williamson recalled, “We were together for years as roommates and best friends. Becoming a couple happened naturally after Jayme spent six weeks in Europe during the summer of 1990. When Jayme was away for so long I realized that I could not live without him, and upon his return I told him how I felt and, thank the heavens, he felt the same.”
    Mr. Williamson works as a sales associate at the Elegant John at the Red Horse Plaza in East Hampton, where he also sells his paintings. Mr. Place has been a real estate title closer for nearly three decades.
    Mr. Williamson was attended at the ceremony by his good friend and colleague Jack Crimmins, and Mr. Place was attended by his dear friend Kelly Connaughton.
    Following the ceremony, the wedding party dined at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor.
    A cocktail reception will be held to celebrate their marriage in September at a friend’s estate in Georgica.