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April Gornik and Eric Fischl's legacy lies in an old church
Last week at the old Methodist Church in Sag Harbor, Eric Fischl held up a prototype for his painting of Herman Melville. Jennifer Landes
Beams on the top floor of The Church are exposed to show the signatures of the workmen who hung them during construction in the 19th century. Jennifer Landes
Christy MacLear paused in front of the building’s new windows, part of a transformation of the space into an arts center. Jennifer Landes
From $1.8 million in tiny Sagaponack to nearly $71 million in East Hampton
The Wainscott School District is the only one between Bridgehampton and Montauk whose proposed 2019-20 budget pierces the state-mandated tax levy cap.
PSEG's search for the right location for an updated Montauk substation to replace the aging one on Industrial Road continues, but the most controversial options are off the table. Doug Kuntz
A photo of Silas Hiscock Sr., in his #07 INEX Legend Car, was posted on the Riverhead Raceway Fans Facebook page on Monday.
Ray Hartjen, left, was recognized by the East Hampton Town Board for his many contributions to the community. Christopher Walsh
A visit to Bhutan isn’t just a journey for the senses, it’s a time-travel voyage.
Judy D'Mello
Built in 1637, Punakha Dzong, meaning “the palace of great bliss,” sits at the confluence of the mother and father rivers in Bhutan’s Punakha Valley.Judy D'Mello
While high in the mountains, a nun goes about her chores.Judy D'Mello
Nuns in Bhutan, like monks, shave their heads and don the same crimson robes, and usually spend their lives in secluded nunneries. Jo Laws
Buddhist prayer flags blow mantras into the wind to spread good will and compassion. Judy D’Mello
y Judy D’Mello
Judy D’Mello
Judy D’Mello
Judy D’Mello
Judy D'Mello

Some tickets will go fast
Guitar Masters returns this summer to Guild Hall with Buddy Guy, above, who is still on tour at age 82. Roseanne Cash and the Allman Betts Band, a group formed by children of members of the Allman Brothers Band, will fill out the weekend that begins July 5.
The Allman Betts BandTour Manager 101
The Kronos Quartet and Sam Green during a performance of "A Thousand Thoughts," their live documentary about the bandWaleed Shah
Jose J. Galvez-Garcia, seen here being led into East Hampton Town Justice Court in December, has been behind bars since his arrest, unable to post bail. Doug Kuntz
Bryan C. Ordonez-Albarracin EHTPD
East Hampton Town police led Juan M. Bacuilima out of East Hampton Town Justice Court on Thursday morning after his arraignment. Taylor K. Vecsey