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A federal court decision last week means the town will not be required to undertake a court-imposed beach restoration project that property owners west of the Montauk inlet jetties had demanded. Jane Bimson
Photographer sheds light on work of migrant-vessel rescue in Mediterranean
The Sea Watch 3 rescued 47 migrants off the coast of Libya on Jan. 19. Boubacar Bah, from Senegal, center, with the blue-and-white-striped hat, motioned to calm the rest of the occupants of the slowly sinking rubber boat so they wouldn’t get hurt or fall overboard. Doug Kuntz
The crew of the rigid-hulled inflatable boat captained by Brendan Woodhouse made its way back to the Sea Watch 3 after puncturing a rubber boat used by the 47 migrants rescued earlier in the day. They do this so the boat cannot be used again by Libyan smugglers. Doug Kuntz
The crew of the Sea Watch 3 posed in a group photograph with the guests of the Mission 18 rescue on their way to a port of safety in Italy. Doug Kuntz
On Jan. 7, a mother and her young daughter from Mission 17 watched a plane fly over the deck of the Sea Watch 3. Doug Kuntz
A refugee stood alone on the deck of the Sea Watch 3 on Jan. 6. Two weeks earlier he was among 32 migrants from 10 African and Middle Eastern countries rescued from a sinking boat off the coast of Libya.Doug Kuntz
Brendon Woodhouse, left, captained a Sea Watch 3 rigid-hulled inflatable boat on January. With him were two Italian journalists who were training to perform rescues. Doug Kuntz
In January, a crew member aboard the Sea Watch 3, held the youngest refugee among the 32 rescued on December 22off the coast of Libya by the Sea Watch 3. Doug Kuntz
Capt. WoodHouse and the crew of Tango were stone-faced on Jan. 18 after learning that the 117 migrants they were searching for by moonlight were all feared drowned. Doug Kuntz
Kim-Heaton Heather, head of mission on Sea Watch’s Mission 17 and 18 shared a moment of joy with Ali, a rescued migrant from the south Sudan, after learning of Europe's decision to give the ship a port of safety in Italy.Doug Kuntz

Owner of Southampton building wants co-working space evicted
Construction has stalled on the Spur’s planned flagship location in Southampton, and the building’s owner wants to kick the co-working space out for good. Taylor K. Vecsey
A wooded area on Flamingo Avenue in Montauk is under consideration as the site of a new electrical substation. Neighbors are having none of it. Jane Bimson
Retreat initiative looks at makings of healthy relationships, and abusive ones
Members of the winter 2019 Teen Leadership Project, sponsored by the Retreat, will help lead a workshop tonight at the East Hampton Library that includes exercises like Choose Your Own Ending, which asks attendees to imagine different scenarios that can head off teen dating violence. Helen Atkinson-Barnes
One person was taken to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital after falling through the ice on Napeague Harbor, near the Walking Dunes, late Sunday afternoon. Durell Godfrey
The man went into the water about a half-mile past the end of Napeague Harbor Road.Durell Godfrey
Volunteers with the East Hampton Ocean Rescue Squad were ready for the ice rescue with Jet Skis.Durell Godfrey
Personnel stood by . . .Durell Godfrey

A seal pup, about 1 to 2 months old, was found in a driveway on Egypt Lane in East Hampton Village but was not hurt or sick, officials said. Photos courtesy of the Riverhead Foundation
The seal pup had no signs of external injuries, according to Maxine Montello, the program director at the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation.
The seal pup was released later that day.

Joshua Borsack, at his desk at Strong Insurance Agency in East Hampton, showed just a fraction of the gift cards he and his wife, Summer Borsack, have collected for Coast Guard members stationed in Montauk. Carissa Katz
A truck load full of groceries, as well as other goods seen here at the Strong Insurance Agency's office, have already been handed over to the U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association to be handed out to Coast Guard members and their families.Summer Borsack
Environmental groups have urged town officials to ban intentional releasing of balloons because of the risk it poses to marine and wildlife. Jane Bimson
Dust filled the air behind Amagansett's Main Street on Friday. Christine Sciulli
Particles as fine as flour covered the front stoop of Innersleeve Records in Amagansett.Jack Marshall