Local Food News
Local Food News
Embracing and taming the greens of winter
A mélange of bitter greens — in this case, escarole, radicchio, and endive — can be used raw or cooked to create different flavor profiles. Laura Donnelly
Radicchio with curried cream cheese, left, and an escarole and beet saladLaura Donnelly
A well-regarded restaurant specializing in seafood for almost 22 years
Lobster shepherd's pie is a longtime specialty at Plaza Cafe. Laura Donnelly Photos
Since her first review for The Star at Plaza Cafe, Laura Donnelly has learned not only to note the decor, but to photograph it.
Local Food News
Local Food News
They are tiny and tart, full of vitamin C, pectin, and antioxidants
The best way to know if you have found cranberries, as opposed to other inedible berries, in your foraging is to cut them open. Laura Donnelly Photos
Adding cranberries to apple pandowdy, a rustic early American recipe, makes a satisfying Thanksgiving dessert.
Local Food News
Local Food News
One of the world’s most powerful mind-body health systems
Ayurvedic Southern Indian food is being served for lunch at Sen in Sag Harbor most weekdays. Below, butternut squash palya is a simple recipe with layers of flavor. Laura Donnelly Photos
Corey DeRosa and his yoga student Bala Dev, right, who helps him in the kitchen
Martha McCully, Erika Halweil, and Francesca Abbracciamento enjoyed the Southern Indian lunch at Sen.