On the Police Logs 05.10.18

East Hampton

The grilles on the front end of a 2002 BMW sports car parked outside a Diane Drive residence were stolen sometime between April 29 and 30. Stephen Berdel told police that the thieves had swapped them for two older ones, which were in bad shape, and had not even bothered to secure the new ones. He said the car alarm had gone off during the night of April 29, but that he had not investigated because the alarm is sensitive and frequently goes off. He valued the grilles at $70 each.

East Hampton Village 

Six planters were stolen from outside the Revolutionary War-era house at 128 Main Street on May 2. The planters taken varied in size and value, with the largest being worth $350 and the smallest $150. They were last seen that morning at 7 and the theft was reported a little before 10 p.m.  

Police were called to the area just east of Georgica Beach last Thursday morning to investigate a possibly injured seal. But the responding officer wrote: “No injuries were observed, and the seal was acting in typical seal behavior.” The officer said she told the caller about the molting process, explaining that it “can take several days to weeks to complete.” The officer took photographs of the seal and sent them to the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation.

A report that a 2005 Ford Explorer was being driven erratically brought officers to King Street on the afternoon of May 1. They located the vehicle outside the Advance Auto Parts store. The driver of the Ford told police he had just been put on a new medication at the Veterans Administration hospital he goes to. One of the officers gave the man a lift home.

A village resident came to police headquarters on Cedar Street in late afternoon on May 1, reporting that large amounts of “crackers and Cheerios on the ground” had been dumped at the Nature Trail on David’s Lane. The amount was “much more than the ducks could eat, which could support the rat population,” the man said. He gave police a description of the vehicle from which the edibles were dropped, and after police spoke to the vehicle’s owner, he went back and cleaned up.

Police were also called to the Nature Trail early Friday afternoon because a dead duck was in the middle of the road with other ducks around it causing a hazard. An officer removed the dead animal from the road, and the other ducks dispersed. 

A man who had been living in a room in a small house on Maidstone Avenue called police after he came home May 2 to find “two new renters in said bedroom,” with his belongings piled in a corner. He told police he had been living there for about two years, but didn’t have a lease and the owner had recently asked for more money per month. The man then reported numerous code violations in the residence. 


A silver or gray Trek bike, valued at $50, was stolen from the rack on which it had been locked behind the Montauk Bike Shop sometime between 9 a.m. on April 27, when it was secured, and the evening of April 29, when Coerte Felske of Montauk noticed it missing.

Sag Harbor

Police received a report of a bonfire on Minerva Beach Saturday night and found several youths drinking alcohol around the fire. Parents were contacted, and the fire was extinguished.

Loud music at 6 a.m. in the area of Richards Drive was reported to police Sunday. An officer traced the noise to a Cuffee Drive residence where a party was going on with the doors open. The revelers agreed to shut the doors, which solved the problem. 

Joseph Maio of Adornments on Main Street told police an in-store surveillance video on Sunday showed a white female, perhaps in her 60s, wearing a tan baseball cap, glasses, a dark coat, and leggings picking up a blue Save My Bag handbag, walking around the store and exiting with it. Police checked exterior videos on Main Street and tracked the woman’s movements to LT Burger, where she was seen placing the bag into a larger one. She then went to Xanadu, though that store reported nothing stolen. The stolen bag was priced at $130. Anyone with information has been asked to call the Sag Harbor police at 631-725-0247.

Police were called to the Benjamin Glover House at 278 Main Street, which was built around 1810, on Friday morning. Michael Lorber, a resident, reported that at some point between New Year’s Day and last Thursday, a thief had stolen numerous expensive items from a closet. Missing, he said, were a Louis Vuitton suitcase, an Apple Mac laptop, and four watches: a Patek Philippe valued at $20,000, a Rolex at $30,000, an IWC white gold watch valued at $20,000, and a Panerai Radiomir at $8,000. He told police that a limited number of workers had access to the closet since New Year’s Day.