Drugs Bring Felony Charges

Kimberly Oliveir was led into East Hampton Town Justice Court Friday. She faces two felony drug possession charges, a felony charge of drunken driving, and 11 misdemeanor drug possession charges. T.E. McMorrow

A traffic stop of a Medford woman in Montauk Thursday night led to an arrest on a felony charge of drunken driving by East Hampton Town police. The charge soon grew into multiple drug possession charges, two of which are also felonies, however. According to police, Kimberly Oliveir, 35, possessed a range of drugs often used recreationally, both in her car and in her handbag.

“I was tasting wine,” Ms. Oliveir allegedly told the arresting officer, who took her to headquarters after saying she failed roadside sobriety tests. The charge is a felony because of a drunken driving conviction in 2010. At headquarters, she refused to take a breath test and had her handbag searched.

When police asked if there were any drugs in her handbag, she allegedly responded that there might be some cocaine. Police reported finding over 500 milligrams of a chalky white substance, which later tested positive for cocaine.

Officers inventoried the contents of her car, which was seized as required in felony D.W.I. arrests under county law. A bag in the back of Ms. Oliveir’s car produced other drugs, according to the police, and they reported finding over 2.5 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, leading to the third felony charge.

They also said they found Ecstasy, as well as amphetamines in both tablet and powder form, tablets of Lorazepam, a plastic bag of phencyclidine, known as angel dust, a brown sticky substance that tested positive as heroin, several other controlled drugs, and some marijuana. All but the marijuana possession charges were at the misdemeanor level. The marijuana charge was a violation. She was also charged with possession of packaging materials for drugs.

In court the next morning, Sean Cambridge of the Legal Aid Society, Ms. Oliveir’s attorney, argued for low bail, saying Ms. Oliveir has a strong community connection because she sells wine to restaurants and liquor stores here. East Hampton Town Justice Steven Tekulsky disagreed, setting bail at $15,000. She was taken to county jail and bail was put up that night.