Repeat Road Rage Alleged

This time he faces two misdemeanor charges, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

    A local man wound up in handcuffs on Friday after a violent confrontation on an East Hampton Town road with a 22-year-old Sag Harbor woman.
    According to town police, Kassandra Schellinger, a nursing school student, was driving home from school on Friday in her 2005 Jeep, northbound on Route 114 near Hardscrabble Close, when she noticed she was being tailgated by a red Dodge pickup truck. As she entered a 30-mile-per-hour zone she slowed down.
    Russell Daub, 53, of East Hampton, the driver of the truck, suddenly whipped it onto the shoulder, passed Ms. Schellinger, cut her off, and slammed on his brakes, according to two witnesses. Ms. Schellinger hit her brakes and came to a stop to avoid contact with the truck, at which point Mr. Daub allegedly threw it into reverse and slammed into the front end of the Jeep.
    Mr. Daub got out of the truck and approached Ms. Schellinger, shouting. She pulled out her cellphone and called the police.
    Police said this was not the first time Mr. Daub has used a vehicle as a weapon. In August 2010, he was arrested in East Hampton Village in an almost identical incident, in which an officer actually saw him back his vehicle into a 2007 Scion. The officer drove his police car between the two vehicles to stop Mr. Daub, who had apparently become enraged when the Scion passed him and had collided with it as he tried to cut it off, from attacking again. 
    When the driver of the Scion, a man from Peekskill, N.Y., pulled onto the shoulder to check the damage, Mr. Daub rammed his car from behind, according to the report. He then drove around the Scion, stopped, and reversed right toward the other driver, who ran into the middle of Montauk Highway to avoid being hit.
    Mr. Daub was arrested at that time on multiple charges, including two felonies. Bail was set by Justice Lisa Rana at $25,000. Mr. Daub was later allowed to plead down to lesser charges.
    He appeared in court on Saturday, represented by Stephen A. Grossman, again in front of Justice Rana. This time he faces two misdemeanor charges, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.
    Mr. Grossman told the court on Saturday that Mr. Daub suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Justice Rana asked whether he was a veteran.
    Mr. Grossman said he was not, but that “I know he has serious problems. He is on medication.”
    Mr. Daub told the court he was in treatment for his condition, once a month. “They want to terminate me,” he said.
    Justice Rana said that would not be a good idea, and urged him to find treatment immediately. Then, citing his longtime ties to the community, she released him without bail. He is scheduled to return to court today.


Wow...does someone have to

Wow...does someone have to die before this danger is removed permanently from our roads? If that was my poor daughter that he ran into, you can bet he'd be on the end of a lawsuit right now. And he's done this before??!! I don't care about "longtime ties to the community", released without bail. Put yourself in the victims' shoes for a moment Judge Rana. Or maybe, you'll be lucky enough to be run into. PTSD...then get treatment! If you know YOU have a problem, YOU need to do something about it. At 53 yrs old, enough with the excuses...sounds like testosterone-fueled road rage to me. He needs anger management, license revocation until some program has been completed & some sort of probation. We don't need to be reading about his 3rd strike...where innocents are attacked for respecting the law...unlike this loose cannon.

Are you kidding

Are you kidding me???????????? Released without bail? When he kills someone that judge will be responsible.

This is outrageous. He walks

This is outrageous. He walks free with no bail? This judge should be off the bench.

He's actually being charged

He's actually being charged with a FELONY!