On The Police Logs 04.12.12

Police News

East Hampton
Barry Forde, a foreman for the East Hampton Town Highway Department, told police on the afternoon of April 25 that a former superintendent of the department was harassing him by driving by work sites and shouting obscenities and photographing work crews. Mr. Forde said the two had passed each other on the road near a work site and his former boss had given him the finger, causing Mr. Forde to become “alarmed and agitated,” the police report said. Police spoke with the former superintendent, who told them that it was Mr. Forde who had flipped the bird, and that he would be coming to police headquarters to fill out a harassment report, including in it Facebook attacks on him that he has seen.

A Neck Path man said on Sunday morning that he had seen a man vandalize his car. Police photographed the Ford pickup truck, which appeared to have been repeatedly scratched with a key.

East Hampton Village
On Friday at about 9:30 p.m., police were called about a fight at Newtown and Osborne Lanes. Officers found a man, 26, and a woman, 23, who said they were siblings. She had slapped his arm several times, the report indicates.

On April 24, police received a call about a dog tied to a tree near the train station. An officer was dispatched, but no dog was found.

On the same day, an owner of East Hampton Gym on Fithian Lane reported that one of the gym’s members and that member’s personal trainer had been banned from the gym because of their behavior toward the staff. The owner, Bruce Cotter, said he wanted to document the matter with police.

At 10:30 on the night of April 25, an officer gave chase to a speeding Honda after seeing it pass another car headed east on Montauk Highway near Toilsome Lane. The car made a left onto Main Street and another left onto Mill Hill Lane as the officer pursued. The officer then made a right onto Meadow Way, but the Honda had disappeared.

A Georgica Road woman called police to report a collision that almost happened on nearby LaForest Lane on Friday. She told police that Verizon trucks parked there had caused her to pull out into oncoming traffic, nearly leading to an accident. After speaking with police, the crew agreed to place more cones in the roadway.

A King’s Point Road couple told police last Thursday that at some point during the previous week someone had opened four of their house’s windows and left them open. The couple were sure the windows were closed when they had previously left the house. They said nothing was stolen or disturbed inside.