Father’s Worst Fears Confirmed

    An East Hampton father feared the worst about a relationship his pre-teenage daughter was having with an adult man, and his suspicions have proved correct. Fidel A. Castro-Brito, 22, also of East Hampton, has been arrested and charged with rape in the first degree.
    The victim and the defendant met online via social networking, Lieut. Christopher Anderson of the town police said on Tuesday. Over the course of several weeks, their online relationship “morphed into a meeting, and ultimately the relationship became sexual,” he said.
    The father, whose identity was not released to protect the identity of the young girl, returned home from work on April 4 to see Mr. Castro-Brito climbing out of his daughter’s bedroom window, according to the report, and called police. In the course of an interview with the accused, police came to believe the man had had sexual intercourse with the girl on at least one occasion and possibly more. Police also interviewed the girl, who was taken to the Peconic Bay Medical Center.
    Mr. Castro-Brito was arrested at 4:30 p.m. on April 6. Justice Lisa R. Rana set bail the next morning at $100,000.
    East Hampton Village detectives made two arrests on April 17. The first was in connection with a violent holdup dating from the night of June 12, 2011, when a Springs 16-year-old reported that three men had pulled him into an alley off Newtown Lane, punched him in the face, and robbed him of $160. One of the men, he reported, brandished a gun.
    Police said they actually broke the case a few weeks before pulling Spencer L. Trotman, 19, of East Hampton, out of a taxi on Cooper Lane, after they interviewed the third man involved in the mugging, who was not charged. Paul T. Petty, 19, of East Hampton was arrested last Thursday. Both he and Mr. Trotman were charged with robbery in the second degree.
    On the night of April 17, at about 9, village police received a 911 call. When the operator asked what the emergency was, the caller, using obscenities, reportedly said, “My emergency is that you have corrupt cops.”
    Asked where he was, the caller said, “I’m at the end of my street. I don’t want any more cops here asking me if I’m smoking weed and drinking,” and then hung up.
    Half an hour later, another 911 call was received by the same operator. Asked what the emergency was, the caller responded, “My emergency is that I’m disgraced with you.” Seconds later, the phone rang again. A different operator answered.
     “Okay. There is a male officer disrespectful to me,” the caller said, and hung up. An officer was dispatched to a Pleasant Lane address, and placed Ricky R. Daniels, 19, of East Hampton under arrest, charged with aggravated harassment.
    Last Thursday at about 7 p.m., Sag Harbor police received a call reporting a missing boat at the Westwater dock. Frank Cafiso told police he had left the 25-foot Steiger Craft vessel, The Sea Otter, at about 7:15 that morning. When he returned at 6:30 that evening to clean the boat, it was gone.
    Later that night, the Coast Guard received a distress call, police said, from a man who said he was “lost at sea in the Peconic Bay area.” The boat was tracked down southeast of Fishers Island and Steven Zeltmann, 27, of Sag Harbor, was taken into custody. According to the report, Mr. Zeltmann appeared to be intoxicated at the time. He was charged with third-degree grand larceny and unauthorized use of the craft.
    East Hampton Town police received a call last Thursday morning from a Southampton cab driver who had picked up a fare at Southampton Hospital, going to Skimhampton Road in East Hampton. The charge came out to $40, and the passenger reportedly said she needed to go inside to get the money. After several minutes, the report continues, the driver knocked on the door but no one answered. At that point he called the police.
    An officer arrived and spoke with the woman, who said her son was coming from Montauk with the money. After waiting 40 minutes, the officer left, instructing the driver to call the police again if the money wasn’t paid within the hour. After two hours, he did so, saying that a red pickup truck had pulled up to the house and the woman had gotten in. The truck then drove off, the driver reported.
    Police found the woman, Cecilia Thompson, 48, in Montauk and took her into custody, charged with theft of service.
    She was released that night on $100 bail with a ticket to appear in East Hampton Justice Court at a later date.