On The Police Logs 04.12.12

Police News

East Hampton Village
On the morning of April 9, a security company employee in Hampton Bays observing a camera feed from Tiffany & Company on Main Street called police to report that she thought she saw a small fire in the store. Police went to investigate and found that all was well.

Michael Bouker found a plastic bag with marijuana along with a glass pipe near the tennis courts in Herrick Park. Police put the bag and the pipe in an evidence locker.

At some point between the morning of April 11 and Friday morning, 10 boxes of cedar shingles were removed from a property on Georgica Road where a garage is under construction. The shingles were valued at $1,398.

Police were called Friday morning about a box of nails in the middle of the intersection of Buell and Toilsome Lanes. An officer was sent to the scene but was unable to find the box. The Department of Public Works was asked to send a street sweeper as a precaution.

A resident of Lily Pond Lane complained about a red pickup with fire department plates racing up the road toward Ocean Avenue and Main Beach on Friday morning. An officer was dispatched but the truck was not found.

A caller on Friday at about 9 p.m. told police there was a small brown dog running loose in the Schenck parking lot. The woman said she would care for the dog that night and take it to the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons in the morning.

On Sunday morning, an employee of Golden Pear on Newtown Lane told police that an East Hampton man had repeatedly caused a disturbance at the restaurant. A trespass affidavit was signed, and the man was advised that his presence there was no longer welcome and that he would be arrested if he returned.

Jeffrey Usher of Setauket reported that he had checked into the Royal Atlantic Hotel on Saturday at about 7 p.m. and had then gone for a long walk after parking his pickup truck, which had two mountain bikes tied down but not locked up in its bed. The next morning at about 11 he saw that the bikes were gone.

George Holzman, the supervisor at Riverhead Building Supply on Industrial Road, called police early Friday morning to report that the building had been vandalized during the night by someone who had fired five paintballs at it. Police discovered that the neighboring building, housing Peter Joyce Construction, had also been hit by numerous paintballs.

Lonnie Akkala reported that his brother had backed a vehicle into his driveway on South Edison Drive and gunned the engine, spinning the wheels and gouging deep ruts into the drive.

Beth A. Martens told police that at some point between the morning of April 6 and the evening of April 8 someone may have removed a jar containing approximately 60 prescription tablets from her 2001 Dodge Durango, which was parked on King’s Point Road, where she lives. Ms. Martens also said the pills could have been taken when she visited her sister in Copiague.