There's a Hole in the Ground in the Amagansett Parking Lot! Can the BATHROOMS Be Coming?

Durell Godfrey

A contractor has begun work in the municipal parking lot behind Amagansett Main Street on what will one day be the hamlet's long-awaited public bathrooms.

Monday's  groundbreaking apparently took East Hampton Town officials by surprise.  Supervisor Larry Cantwell first heard of the hole in the ground on Thursday and went to take a look; he indicated afterward that the contractor had gone forward  without  advance notice. "The contract was awarded over a year ago, and he was anxious to get started," Mr. Cantwell said.

Judging from what the supervisor called the "preliminary site work," the restrooms will stand just about where a portable privy is now, near the back of the parking lot.  Before actual construction can begin,  the septic system must be installed,  and the town has been waiting for many months for the Suffolk County Health Department to approve it. 

"We believe we are close to receiving approval," Mr. Cantwell said.