On the Police Logs 01.11.18

East Hampton

A Jonathan Drive couple told police Dec. 28 that they had been visited by a trespasser the previous evening. The intruder appeared to have entered a screened-in porch around 5:30 and remained there for about an hour. He or she did not ring the doorbell or knock on the door and seemed to have left without taking or disturbing anything, according to the report. 

East Hampton Village

Laurie Tomasino, a manager at the Maidstone Hotel restaurant, told police on Jan. 3 that at some point on New Year’s Eve, 400 rented white cloth napkins were stolen from an unlocked storage building on the property. The napkins were embroidered with a diamond pattern along the edges. An employee of the restaurant’s linen service had placed four plastic bags, each containing 100 napkins, in the storage area that morning. The complaint has been turned over to the department’s detective squad. 


Police were called to a Fairview Avenue house at 3:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day. A fight had broken out as guests were leaving the house, and one guest from North Bergen, N.J., was aided by Montauk emergency medical technicians. He was eventually taken to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, having suffered lacerations to his nose and under an eye, but he declined to press charges. The other man had a cut on his nose and scratches on his cheek, but did not require medical attention. 

At about the same time, police received a report of criminal mischief regarding an incident in the parking lot outside the Point Bar and Grill. Nicole Klepper of Montvale, N.Y., reported that a male customer who had to be escorted out of the establishment got into his car, drove it around to the parking lot behind the Point, then got out and smashed a rear taillight on Ms. Klepper’s 2014 Jeep Compass. He then drove off. Ms. Klepper said she would not press charges as long as the perpetrator paid to have the taillight repaired. 

Sag Harbor

Police were called to a Main Street house Saturday. Hilary Hamann suspected that someone was trying to log in to her computer after seeing moving letters and digits in the log-in icon. She said she had gotten the computer back from GeekHampton two weeks ago and wanted the incident documented. 

During the snowstorm last Thursday, Carla Gargano called police to report what appeared to be septic overflow on Glover Street. When police arrived, they determined that the flooding was actually caused by the high tide. Motorcyclists riding over frozen Round Pond off Middle Lane Highway caused a concerned Kenneth Dorph to contact police. When officers arrived, however, the riders were gone.