Sag Harbor's Long Wharf Reno Described

Jamie Bufalino

A $3 million project to rehabilitate Long Wharf in Sag Harbor was presented to the village board on Tuesday by Paul Boyce, the president of the engineering firm P.W. Grosser Consulting. No action was taken.

The work is expected to get underway after Labor Day 2019 and require about 10 months to complete. Due to the extensive nature of the undertaking, “we will be hard pressed to get it done by Memorial Day 2020,” Mr. Boyce said. 

The project includes replacing the wharf’s steel bulkhead, replacing its surface asphalt, installing a handrail and lighting, upgrading the utilities, and creating a promenade and park. It also includes a drainage system that will prevent untreated stormwater from entering the harbor. 

Due to the reconfiguration of the site, including a park and a more expansive promenade along the perimeter, the number of existing parking spaces on Long Wharf would decrease from 98 to 94.

The existing bulkhead, Mr. Boyce said, was in fair condition, but the coating on the steel had failed. Rather than removing it, the design calls for installing a new bulkhead 18 inches seaward of the existing one. With proper maintenance, he said, the life span of the new bulkhead would be more than 50 years. J.B.