S.U.V. Takes Out a Pole on Daniel's Hole Road

Michael Heller photos

No one was injured when a sport utility vehicle knocked down a utility pole, starting a fire on Daniel's Hole Road, near Hedges Lane, in Wainscott on Tuesday afternoon. 

Members of the East Hampton Fire Department responded to the accident at 3:25 p.m. Chief Ken Wessberg said the S.U.V. "slid across the road" just as it started raining heavily and hit the pole, cracking it at its base and bringing down electric wires. The pole fell away from the vehicle, across Daniel's Hole Road. 

"He didn't have a scratch on him," Chief Wessberg said of the driver. 

A fire started where the top of the pole hit the ground. Firefighters had to wait to extinguish the fire until PSEG-Long Island responded to turn off power in the area.