Citations for Code Violations in Southampton Town

Southampton Town officials are discussing  code enforcement operations in the rest of the town after a weeklong code enforcement safety check of residences and hotels in Hampton Bays resulted in 215 code violations.

Under the direction of Steven Troyd, the new town code compliance and emergency management administrator, enforcement officers inspected 42 houses and three motels between Oct. 10 and 13. They reported overcrowded housing, illegal rentals, nonfunctioning smoke and carbon detectors, blocked emergency exits, excessive vehicles, parking in front yards, and illegal conversions of single family homes into multi-family dwellings. Some are easy fixes, officials said. The fines for the various violations range from $100 to $1,000 per violation. 

The enforcement operation yielded violations against 28 landlords and a repeat offender who was convicted in June for failing to secure rental permits for eight properties he manages. Seventeen of the properties inspected had no violations.  

Supervisor Jay Schneiderman said these violations endangered the lives of residents  and that they will not be tolerated. 

The officers conducted “knock and announce” inspections and no forced entries. The Suffolk County Department of Social Services was on standby, but not needed as no one was removed from any of the sites.