East Hampton's Parent Portal Is Off-Line

Parents and students, sit tight: Problems with East Hampton's Parent Portal school information system have led to the system being taken off-line temporarily.

The problem stems from the switch-over to a new student information system. Robert Tymann, East Hampton's assistant superintendent, said the district is moving from e-School to School Tools, and he said during that process, the data was found to not be automatically recognized by the new system.

"We were hoping it would flip from the old to the new, but it has to be done from scratch. That's going to take more time," Mr. Tymann said during Tuesday's school board meeting.

Some school board members voiced concerns that the problem happened during a critical time in the summer, when parents check to see if the Parent Portal has been updated with their children's schedules and other important information like classroom supply lists.

Mr. Tymann explained it had been taken down so as not to further frustrate people. "Schedules will probably be mailed home because we don't want to wait any longer for that," he said.