Gansett Superintendent to Retire

Eleanor Tritt, the superintendent of the Amagansett School District, has informed the school board and the community that she will not seek to extend her contract, which expires in June.

In a letter addressed to parents and residents, Ms. Tritt said that her decision to leave Amagansett is “inspired only by a desire to move on to the next phase of life.” 

“I am retiring and looking forward to traveling and spending time with my grandchildren in Israel and California,” she wrote in an email on Tuesday to The Star.

Ms. Tritt first joined the tiny school district in 2001 as interim superintendent and ultimately became superintendent in 2008. Today, the district serves approximately 93 students from prekindergarten through sixth grade, with additional students at the East Hampton Middle School and East Hampton High School. During her tenure at Amagansett, Ms. Tritt said, she has “worn many hats” and has served as the school business official and personnel official, as well as the principal.

The superintendent has often come under fire from Amagansett residents and parents who have griped openly and sometimes combatively over issues that ranged from her seemingly robust compensation package — which includes free housing — to a lack of transparency in business decisions, to a school board that appears to work for the superintendent rather than vice versa.

However, in her letter, which was made public on Jan. 24, she wrote, “I love Amagansett and the Amagansett School. I truly appreciate the respect, grace, warmth, and compassion you have shown me and our staff over these many years. . . . The supportive environment we have in Amagansett is recognized by many — and should never be taken for granted.”

Ms. Tritt has promised to assist the school board with the transition over the next few months. At this time, there is no confirmation from the board as to exactly what that would entail.