South Fork Poetry: Amagansett

By Thayer Cory

Have you a place where, when the world ends, you want to be?
– William Stafford

Here where the sea

   breathes in and out

a steady pulse of always


Where sand-stunted pines

   and snarled underbrush

link arms around the house


Here between the scalloped hem

   of the tide line

and the smooth rim of the world


Where waves unfurl their ruin

   and primal shell homes

whisper Listen Now


I will be here where the dog chases

   sandpipers up the beach

and the buoyant moon swims into the night


Where water’s colors rinse

   the dune and even clouds

have useful things to say


Here we gather around the worn table

   eat bluefish and peaches

pour stories from cup to broken cup


It’s here that dusk bends over me

   reveals a voice within my voice

a shadow deeper than my own


Here a prayer

   from long ago

chants world without end Amen Amen

From “Cracked Open,” recently published by Finishing Line Press. Thayer Cory is a regular visitor to Amagansett.