Asian Arts Fest

At the Southampton Cultural Center

The Southampton Cultural Center’s 2018 Spring Performing Arts Festival, which will take place on Saturday at 5 p.m., will feature a Chinese face changer as one of its major attractions. Face changing was initially an important part of the Chinese Sichuan Opera, in which performers created fascinating transitions by repeatedly changing their painted masks.

Presented by the Asian Cultural Arts Alliance, the festival will showcase the music and dance of Korea, China, and Japan. The performance will be preceded from 3 to 5 by a free workshop for children that will include Chinese paper cutting, Indian henna painting, Asian face painting, and Chinese calligraphy and brush painting. 

A reception with Asian cuisine for performers and guests will take place from 6 to 7. Tickets for the 5 p.m. performance are $20, $10 for children and students under 21.